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CEO and Founder of Controlled Chaos (A certified Sober, health & Wellness coach and Podcast host) with two decades in the treatment industry/personal substance abuse and co occurring disorders experience. Basically I’m a former sh*t show who found freedom and a life worth living💙🌟✨

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  • I had a great childhood amazing parents but something was always off. I felt different than others and was put on ADD medication at 11 which started my need to use substances to change how I felt. I graduated from a small town in the Upper Peninsula in 2023 with a 1 year old on my hip as a single mom with a blossoming addiction to pills and alcohol.

  • I had another child at 20 a rough marriage that lasted around 10 years. During that time there was cheating, verbal abuse/borderline physical, heart surgery alcoholism, rehab, no self esteem then came the divorce.

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After my divorce I moved to Texas to get away. I started working in treatment there and loved it but was not truthful about my sobriety. I struggled for many years with a horrible substance problem. And no one to speak to about it even though all the help was in front of my face. A head full of knowledge and a body full of substances. I had another child and was doing well for a while but when my ex husband passed away it sent me spiraling. instead of being a support to my daughter I drank so much I ended up in rehab again and then sober living. After that last stay I drank for Almost another year but it was really on my heart, the mother and person I had become. So I decided to move home.The move home with my kids changed things. I got medical assistance from my doctor. The vivitrol shot and I have been sober since November 2021.

Shana epps with her daughter

My family has grown as I now have step daughters. I still work full time in the medical field and love it, but I kept feeling this push from God to go back to working with people in addiction. I originally ignored it. Because I live in a very small town with not a lot of good treatment options. But God. The push didn’t stop. I started feeling the want to tell my story online. Instagram, the reels, the showing my authentic self without liquid courage has been crazy hard but I know this is my calling.

So was born Controlled Chaos, out of my chaotic story and life come peace and healing for others in my spot. I built a sober coaching business through social media and a podcast. This is where we are now and I can’t wait to add more🌟🫶🏾♥️

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Thanks for learning a bit about me. Please don’t hesitate to jump in my inbox. Leave a comment. or share. Everyone here is family. And I’m building a community of support for those in need🌟

💗 I love you mucho 🧡

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