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Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier and happier life free from addiction? As a nationally certified sobriety coach and certified NLP Life coach, I offer personalized 1:1 coaching, group coaching sessions, and access to a supportive Facebook community filled with individuals on their own recovery journeys. Whether you are just starting out or have been on the path to sobriety for a while, I am here to help you succeed. Click the link below to schedule a free consultation phone call and let's work together to choose the right program to kickstart your sobriety journey today. Your future self will thank you for taking this important step.


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CEO and Founder of Controlled Chaos (A certified Sober, health & Wellness coach and Podcast host) with two decades in the treatment industry/personal substance abuse and co occurring disorders experience. Basically I’m a former sh*t show who found freedom and a life worth living💙🌟✨

Controlled Chaos

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Unlock wellness and embrace sobriety. Get your hands on these must reads now!
  • Controlled Chaos: A guide to Recovery and living a Life you Don't Have to Run Fro.This is a full e-book and guide for those who are newly sober or sober curious.
  • Raising the Bar: A Fresh Approach to Sobriety for the New Generation. This is an in depth look at sobriety, building connection, and different forms of recovery. This is an Amazon best seller.

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Controlled Chaos

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Hey there, I'm Shana Epps, and welcome to Controlled Chaos, the podcast where we dive into the beautiful messiness of life. As a certified sobriety health and wellness coach with over 15 years in the treatment industry and three years on my own sober journey, I've embarked on a transformative path of health, wellness, and spirituality that led me to shed 130 pounds. This personal evolution ignited a passion within me to extend a helping hand to others on their own journeys. And so, Controlled Chaos was born. Join me as we explore all facets of life, uncovering the secrets to becoming the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves. Together, we'll build a community rooted in genuine connection, because after all, that's what's good for the soul. Throughout this podcast, we'll engage with experts, individuals in recovery, and everyday people as we navigate the quest for balance in our chaotic lives. So, come along on this adventure as we seek some semblance of control in the beautiful chaos of life. I can't wait to connect with you and explore the extraordinary journey that lies ahead.
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